Dallas Laboratories Inc., was established in 1923 to provide the ultimate in chemical testing and research services in the growing Dallas market. Founded by Dr. Helman Rosenthal, a renowned water and color chemist, the laboratory has grown with Dallas for almost one hundred years to become nationally and internationally recognized for its expertise and innovation. From the beginning, Dr. Rosenthal set the course for Dallas Laboratories Inc. with the guiding principle of professional and dependable service. The men and women following that principle have helped Dallas Laboratories Inc. achieve its leadership in chemical analysis, structural testing and on-site quality assurance. With each passing year Dallas Laboratories Inc. continues to march in the vanguard of scientific advancement and service to both industry and consumer.

We have both the versatility and the expertise to solve the problems facing today’s product designers, manufacturers, and users. From a single test focusing on a single feature to comprehensive assessments, Dallas Laboratories Inc. has the capabilities to conduct its work on a timely basis at competitive prices. When a product fails, Dallas Laboratories Inc. can provide in-depth analyses to determine the cause of failure. Our accurate, objective assessments form the basis of our recommended solutions to the problems encountered. The work of Dallas Laboratories Inc. in failure analysis encompasses all products that have not met the expectations of the manufacturer. From continuing evaluations to custom projects, all services are performed competently and economically.

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