Failure Analysis Testing

Failure analysis involves a methodical investigation of material failure with the goal of identifying the causes of failure and what corrective actions are needed to prevent the failures from happening in the future. Malfunctions occur when components or parts of a system do not perform up to the specification for which it is intended. Dallas Laboratories has extensive experience in identifying the root causes of failures and is renowned in the industry for their consultation and expertise in this field.

Adhesion ASTM D4541
Consulting Various
Depositions Various
Ethylene Glycol
Filth AOAC Methods
Lead in Paint (NIOSH) Sample Prep and Analysis
Lead in Pottery ASTM C738
Particle Analysis (Filtration)
Phosphoric Acid
Phosphorus in Soaps and Detergents ASTM D820
Safety Glazing Tests Z97.1 (Plastics)
Safety Glazing Tests Z97.1 (Glass)
Safety Glazing Tests Z26.1 (Auto Glass)
Self-Heating Material Test DOT 40, CFR 173.124 & App. E
Trial/Arbitration Various