Sealant and Adhesive Testing

Sealant Adhesive adhesion is a critical consideration in the building materials industry. The performance of elastomeric joint sealant systems in windows will determine its ability to retain insulating properties. Dallas Laboratories is a leader in the area of sealed glass and adhesive properties and performance of the sealants used. We offer an extensive range of ASTM, IGMA, and Fed. specifications and test for things like adhesion, density, peeling, and compatibility. We can also identify specific materials and provide failure analysis, expert testimony, and consultation. We are a leader in the testing of construction building materials and are ready to help you with your materials testing needs.

Adhesion ASTM D4541
Adhesion and Cohesion of Elastomeric Joint Sealants under Cyclic Movement ASTM C719, Hockman Cycle
Adhesive Bond Peel Strength ASTM D903
Aging Effects of Artificial Weathering on Latex Sealing Compounds ASTM C732
Bond and Cohesion of One-Part Elastomeric Solvent Release Type Sealants ASTM C910
Bond Strength ASTM C882 – Slant Shear
Caulking Compounds, Metal Seam and Wood Seam Federal Spec. TT-C-1796A
Cold Liquid-Applied Elastomeric Waterproof Membrane with Integral Wear Surface ASTM C957
Cold Liquid-Applied Elastomeric Waterproof Membrane, without Integral Wear Surface ASTM C836
Compatibility of Accessories with Sealant, 30 days test time ASTM C1087
Compatibility of IG Edge Sealants w/Liquid-Applied Glazing Materials, 6 weeks test time ASTM C1294
Consulting Various
Density ASTM D792
Density, Displacement
Density, Displacement – Mortars/Grouts ASTM C905
Depositions Various
Durability of Sealants Exposed to Continuous Immersion in Liquids ASTM C1247
Durability Test, per substrate
Durometer (Shore 00, A, and D) ASTM D2240
Epoxy Base Resin Systems for Concrete ASTM C881
Extensibility After Heat Aging ASTM C1522
Failure Analysis Various
Heat Age for Weight Loss, Cracking, and Chalking ASTM C792
Lap Shear Tests
Low Temperature Flexibility for Tape Sealants ASTM C765
Oil Migration ASTM C772
Peel Adhesion Tests – Aluminum TT-5-0023
Peel Adhesion Tests – Cement TT-5-0023
Peel Adhesion Tests – Glass TT-5-0023
Penetration ASTM D5
Sealant Compatibility SIGMA
Sealant Compatibility H.B. Fuller Hot Melt Test 62
Sealant Pulls – Aluminum
Sealant Pulls – Cement
Sealant Pulls – Glass
Silicone Sealer on Polyurethane Roofing ASTM D6694
Softness, Needle Penetration ASTM C782
Spec. for Adhesives for Fastening Gypsum Wallboard to Wood Framing, 30-45 days ASTM C557
Spec. for Adhesives for Field-Gluing Plywood to Lumber Framing  for Floor Systems ASTM D3498
Spec. for Adhesives for Field-Gluing Plywood to Wood Framing AFG-01
Spec. for Adhesives used for Finger Joints in Non-Structural Lumber Production ASTM D5572
Specification for Bonding Compounds for Interior Gypsum Plastering ASTM C631
Specification for Caulking Compound, Oil and Resin Base Type Federal Specification TT-C-00598
Specification for Sealing Compound: Elastomeric Type, Multi-Component for Caulking, Sealing, and Glazing in Buildings and Other Structures Federal Specification TT-S-00227
Specification for Sealing Compound: Elastomeric Type, Single Component for Caulking, Sealing, and Glazing in Buildings and Other Structures Federal Specification TT-S-00230C
Specification for Sealing Compound: Silicone Rubber Base for Caulking, Sealing, and Glazing in Buildings and Other Structures Federal Specification TT-S-001543
Specification for Sealing Compound: Single Component, Butyl Rubber Based, Solvent Release Type for Buildings and Other Types of Construction Federal Specification TT-S-001657
Specification for Surface-Applied Bonding Agents for Exterior Plastering ASTM C932
Stain and Color on Fresh Mortar ASTM C510
Standard Spec. for Elastomeric Joint Sealants ASTM C920
Standard Spec. for Glazing Compounds for Backbedding and Face Glazing of Metal Sash ASTM C699
Standard Spec. for Latex Sealing Compounds ASTM C834
Standard Spec. for Sealant Staining of Porous Surfaces ASTM C1248
Standard Spec. for Solvent Release Sealants ASTM C1311
Structural Silicone Sealants ASTM C1184
Tensile Adhesion Properties of Sealants When Used in EIFS ASTM C1382
Tensile Adhesion Properties of Structural Sealants ASTM C1135
Tensile Strength. Disk Pull ASTM C907
Thermal Compatibility ASTM C884
Trial/Arbitration Various
Weight Loss @ Heat Aging ASTM C771
Yield Strength, Plate Pull ASTM C908