Liquid Fuel and Petroleum Product Testing

We offer an extensive range of fuel testing and analytical services for liquid fuels and petroleum products. We test diesel, gasoline, jet-fuel, ethanol, and biodiesel. We also test crude oil, refinery intermediates, and motor oil. Dallas Laboratories has been testing and analytical services business since 1923. Our quality assurance testing helps our customers avoid problems, save money, meet industry standards and comply with government regulations. Our customers include terminal operators, airlines, fleet operators and fuel distributors. See grid below for specific test information:

Acid Number (Neutralization Number) ASTM D974
Aniline, Gravity Constant ASTM D1405
API, Gravity ASTM D1298, D287 (Crudes)
Aromatics ASTM D1319
Ash ASTM D482
Asphaltenes ASTM D3279, API 420.02
Benzene ASTM D3606
Benzene ASTM D4053
Bio-Activity (Bacterial & Fungal, 72 hr Culture)
Cetane Index only ASTM D976
Cetane Index w/full test ASTM D976
Chlorine (Hydraulic Oil)
Chlorine in RDF Material ASTM E776
Cloud Point ASTM D2500
CNHSO Analysis
Color Saybolt ASTM D156
Combined Filtration & Particulates ASTM D2276
Cone Penetrometer, Grease ASTM D217
Conradson Carbon Test
Consulting Various
Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D130
Copper Strip, Grease ASTM D4048
Depositions Various
Distillation ASTM D86
Doctors Test Par. 4.2 of ASTM D484
Dropping Point, Grease ASTM D566
Dropping Point, Wax ASTM D3954
Electrical Conductivity ASTM D2624
Explosiveness Method 1151 Federal Test Method Standard 791B
Failure Analysis Various
Filtration Time Mil-T-5624N, Appendix A
Flash Point – Cleveland Open Cup ASTM D92 (Messy also available)
Flash Point – Pensky Martens Closed Cup Tester ASTM D93
Flash Point – Tag Closed Tester ASTM D56
Freezing Point ASTM D2386
Glycol in Oil ASTM D2982
Gross Heat of Combustion, RDF ASTM E711
Gum – Existent ASTM D381
Gum – Existent (Washed) ASTM D382
Heat of Combustion (Calculated), Net ASTM D1405
Heat of Combustion (Calculated), Net ASTM D3338 (Aromatics, API, Distillation, Sulfur)
Heat of Combustion (Calculated), Net ASTM D4529 (A/G, Distillation, Sulfur)
Heat of Combustion by Bomb Calorimeter ASTM D240
Heat of Combustion by Bomb Calorimeter ASTM D4809
Hydrogen Content ASTM D3343
Hydrometer Calibration (40 – 100°F)
Icing Inhibitor Mil-I-27686E
Icing Inhibitor Method 5327.3, Federal Test Method Standard 791B
Icing Inhibitor ASTM D5006
Kauri-Butanol No. ASTM D1133
Lamp Burn Test ASTM D187
Lead Content of Gasoline ASTM D3237
Melt Point USP 741
Moisture and Sediment Content ASTM D1796
Moisture and Sediment Content ASTM D2710
Motor Oil Test (Sugar, Antifreeze, Ash, Sediment)
NaOH – Extraction and Titration
Naphthalene’s ASTM D1840
Octane, Motor or Research (M or R) ASTM D2700
Olefins ASTM D1319
Organic Chlorides ASTM D4929
Oxygenates & Benzene
Paraffin’s API 420.01
Particle Analysis (Filtration)
Particulate Contamination ASTM D5452
PCB in Oil Cert. 40
Peroxide Content ASTM D3703
Phosphorus ASTM D3231
Pour Point ASTM D97
Pt-Co Color
Ramsbottom Carbon Residue ASTM D524
Refractive Index ASTM D1218, Procedure A
Refractive Index @ 25°C
Reid Vapor Pressure ASTM D323
Reid Vapor Pressure ASTM D5191
SARA – Crudes (Saturates, Aromatics, Resin, & Asphaltenes) ASTM D4124
Smoke Point ASTM D1322
Specific Gravity (Pycnometer)
Sulfides in Bottom Waters Air Force Technical Order 421B-1
Sulfur ASTM D129
Sulfur ASTM D4294
Sulfur (Mercaptan) ASTM D3227
Sulfur, Lamp Method ASTM D1266
Sulfur, Total ASTM D3120
Thermal Stability ASTM D3241
Thermometer Calibration Chevron – 6pt.
TOX Cert.-75
Trial/Arbitration Various
True Vapor Pressure ASTM D2889
V/L = 20 Calculation (App. X2) ASTM D4814
Vapor Pressure (DVPE) ASTM D5191
Viscosity ASTM D445, 1 Temperature
Viscosity, Saybolt ASTM D88, 1 Temperature
Water (Karl Fisher) ASTM D1744
Water Reaction ASTM D1094
Water Separation Index, Modified ASTM D3948 (MSEP)
Water, Free Aqua-Glow ASTM D3240
Workmanship, Visual