Corrosion and Humidity Testing

Dallas Laboratories facilities are set up to perform a range of corrosion and humidity testing to measure the exposure of materials to humidity, acetic acid, and other degrading environmental factors. We can do salt exposure according to ASTM standard test protocols. Humidity, salt and acids are environmental factors that will reduce the integrity and effectiveness of materials over time with increased exposure. Detecting the exposure limits of materials is important for engineers and product designers to understand the failure thresholds and make sure products are built to stand up to environmental factors. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to help understand the impact of corrosion and humidity on your materials. See below for listing of specific tests in this category.

Acetic Acid Exposure 1 to >800 Hours ASTM B287
Adhesion ASTM D4541
CASS Test – 2 to >800 hours Exposure ASTM B368
CO2 + CH4 Soak Test – 3400 psi, 350°F
Consulting Various
Depositions Various
High Humidity and Copper Sulfate Tests for Nut Couplings Fed. Spec. QQ-P-35B for J & J Mfg.
Humidity Exposure 1 to >500 Hours ASTM D2247
Humidity Exposure 1 to >500 Hours ASTM D4585
Moisture in Solids, oven ASTM Gravimetric Methods D3173 etc
Mounting ASTM D1149
Trial/Arbitration Various